E.D.C Pocket Survival Kit (Not Altoids Tin)




Introduction: E.D.C Pocket Survival Kit (Not Altoids Tin)

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This is a small compact survival kit in a first aid kit box from the Dollar Store, it has:                                                                                          

Fire :1 tea-light candle, 2 books of matches,8 Strike anywhere wooden matches, 1 Fire starting stick(Can be broken into a ton of little ones)

Tools: One half pencil wrapped with a lot of duct tape, A small piece of sand paper to be rubber banded to the top of the container for knife sharpening.

First aid: 2 Big 2 small band-aids, Instant wash towel, Benzalkonium chloride antiseptic towel, 2 alcohol swabs, 1 Ammonia inhalant for fainting and one large piece of tinfoil ( Folded up).



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    3M makes them, you can probably order them online

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    Wow I hope you are okay :) I would add steri-strips (I'm not sure if they are still sold). They close up wounds like you have and would definitely fit in the box.

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    Thanks!! Im fine now...Where can I buy steri-strips?? I cut myself and need stiches more than you would think was possible so having some woul be awesome!!

    Knife? Rope? You might need to add some other stuff.

    I've also added a small amount of brass snare wire for snares and for fixing stuff.