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Hi everyone,

I see a lot of really cool survival kits and they are great, but when it comes to survival we use what we have on us.
That is why I made this survival edc.

I came to the conclusion that the best edc is the one you will carry.
Virtually everyone will have keys on them so that is why I started here.
People forget their wallets, phone, etc.. but rarely anyone goes out without their keys.

So I had a couple of options. Pick 100% survival mode keychain, but most of us wouldn't keep all of it on us 100% of the time.
I chose to go with a more measured approach.

The weakness with any keychain survival is size and weight.
too heavy messes up vehicle due to weight if too big probably won't carry all of it.

1.First we have light. Hard to survive and be safe if you can't see what you are doing not to mention it could be used to signal using the strobe setting.
I chose a INOVA Microlight STS swipe to turn on.
Short reason why. Cheap $8  plus or minus, 4 modes high 16 lumens, low, strobe for signaling, and of course off. Also easily replaceable common style battery. 
I got mine from Academy.

2. Pocket (short) bic lighter with zip tie to keep fuel from accidentally leaking.
Fire is good :)  light, cooking, heat, signal etc..

3. Flashdrive - this seems odd as a survival item, but can carry information about you especially in a medical emergency allergies, medicines you are taking etc... besides comes in useful in other areas.

4. Swiss army style knife multitool. - small knife believe it or not it will be the most useful thing you have on you. Knife to cut prepare other tools to pry etc..

5. True Utility Keychain multi tool so many tools can't help to put it on there takes up almost no space
3 different size screwdriver - nail file, nail cleaner, bottle opener,Tweezers, thread cutter.

6. All put together with fishing swivels so it lays flat.

Upgrade ideas : planning on adding Duct tape Glow in the dark to the lighter. make it more visible also, however I think I will add some kind of sealer to the duct tape in order to make sure oils from hands and dirt doesn't show/ absorb.

Anyways there it is you can tell the other items, but for usefulness/survival balance it works for me.

If you like it please vote :)  

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Step 1: Flashlight 16 Lumens Preview

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks I've always liked swivels they tend to have so many uses, I hope it works for you. I do recommend picking a fairly large swivel. Larger sizes seem to work better. Also, I haven't tried the "double lock" type the ones with the bar going across the loop they look potentially better, but since they tend to cost a bit more and seem to more hassle to switch out so if you tend to switch them out often they maybe not worth it unless you want to go all out.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I think that this is a great 'ible. I have a small EDC keychain I carry around with me, and I think I might have to "upgrade" it with your fishing swivel idea. Well done.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, Just checked it out Awesome! I bet I could carry quite a bit of duct tape that way.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks :) Couple extra tips you may want to "upgrade" your key ring to a small size , since they lay flat you won't need one as big also shaves off a little weight. Walmart carries a multi size pack in auto department for less than a buck that's where I got mine.