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When it comes to my EDC load out I pack pretty light. I typically have my ruck with me with a few extra items, but for the purpose of this instructable I'll just list what I keep in my pockets.

1. Bottle opener - It's the size of a credit card and I scored it for free in a pack of cigarettes. I like beer, so this item is pretty important to me.
2. Wallet - I prefer a minimalist wallet I can carry in my front pocket. This particular one is the Mojito from Malcolm Fontier. The elastic cord that goes over the cards wore out a while ago, so I cut it off. Still works fine.
3. Knife - I switch between a Ken Onion CRKT, and a Ka-Bar ZK series. The CRKT is pictures. I tend to prefer this one as it has a drop point style blade, and my Ka-Bar is tanto.
4. Flashlight - Went with the Streamlight Microstream. Have not had it long, but it seems to be bright enough, and durable. It's exceptionally small as well.
5. Keys - Pretty standard. I keep a couple keys, my remote entry, a Gerber Shard tool, and an engraved tag with my contact info on the carabiner. I prefer an actual load bearing carabiner, as opposed to the cheap aluminum ones that inevitably break within a couple months. My current carabiner has been in use for 4+ years, and is still going strong.

So, there you have it. That's what I keep on me on any given day. Thoughts? Suggestions?



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    I actually have a few of those kicking around. Bought a bunch to give to some friends. Not sure why I haven't swapped that out with my current bottle opener.

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    Doesn't the Shard open bottles anyway?

    I had that same concern, so I left the address off. I did include my name, which I'm having second thoughts about. Mine also states in offering a reward if returned. My remote entry is about $100 to replace, so it's worth it.

    for contact info just use your phone number. Then if they are found they can call you but still don't know which house they fit.

    What about those survival credit cards that have a saw knife bottle opener can opener wrenches. Only 99 cents on ebay