EDS Electronic Component Holder

Introduction: EDS Electronic Component Holder

I will show you how to make a broken ds into a electronic component holder for projects and please vote for this in the 2 contests I have entered and if I win a laser I will use it all the time to make things like better holders and project boxes. P.S. this is my first 'ible

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Step 1: Opening the Ds

You will need: broken ds lite or ds or dsi or 3ds, duct tape, screw drivers .You can find online how to open a ds and it should look like this but with a circut which you should remove MAKE SURE YOU REMOVE THE BATTERY.

Step 2: Prepping the Compartment

now make sure you have removed all component from the BOTTOM half and now make marks under where the screen use to be and remove as much extra plastic from there as you can then what I did was I covered that space in duct tape and also plug holes so that the components stay where you can easily reach them.

Step 3: Optional Step

If you want you can glue the buttons to the case so get out your hot glue gun. The a,b,x,y buttons only go in one way.

Step 4: Final Step

Now put the case back together and enjoy your EDS .I know this is not a very good 'ible but I find my EDS very useful so please vote.

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