EDWARD SCISSORHANDS Halloween Makeup/costume Tutorial

Introduction: EDWARD SCISSORHANDS Halloween Makeup/costume Tutorial

Edward Scissorhands Halloween makeup/costume tutorial

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Step 1: Skin.

1. First I apply Lumene Naturalcode BB-foundation to my face.

2. I also use powder.

Step 2: Skin Part 2.

3. 4. 5. and 6. I use white eye shadow and I apply it to a, b, c and d areas (example pic). Same thing with white face paint, then I fade it out little bit.

Step 3: Scars.

7. I ripped few parts out of cotton pad.

8. Do little cotton pad "swirls"

9. Apply latex glue

10. Add "scars"

Step 4: Scars Part 2.

11. Fade parts away with concealer.

Step 5: Lips.

12. and 13. I use a lip pencil, color is called "soft berry "

14. and 15. I apply black eye shadows to my lips.

Step 6: Eyebrows.

16. I use glue to my brows

17. Fade them out with concealer.

Step 7: Eyes.

18. and 19. I use medium brown eye shadow to upper lid and under eye skin.

20. and 21. I apply some lipstick to my under eye skin.

Step 8: Shadows.

22. I use light brown eye shadow.

23. I apply it to my under eye skin.

24. I use medium brown eye shadow

25. I apply it "triangle" shape, connecting my eyes and eyebrows (watch the video)

26. I apply med. brown eye shadow to my chin and kind a do a little pit.

27. Cheeks..

28. Nose contouring.

Step 9: How to Make Scissors.

A. finished pieces

B. To make these scissors I cut peaces out of cardboard, I used cereal box.

C. Overlay peaces with tinfoil.

D. Use hot glue.

E. Cut them out.

F. Shape.

Step 10: DONE!

And we are done!

Please watch the video, you can see the parts better and like, comment, subscribe and vote my other projects too!

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Nice! I like the simple way you made the prop scissors. That's a great idea!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you so much! :-) They are easy and quick to make so everyone can do it.