Introduction: EEEPC Case

A quick and dirty case for the EEEPC out of a CD case

Step 1: The Eeepc

This little jewel is produced by Asus and is taking the world by storm.

It is small, light, powerful, cheap, Linux powered and in all cute as a button.

As much as I never bought a Mac in my life (first due to the high price on their tags and then for being more a Linux guy and thus not really into closed source software) I could not help to admire the slick lines and the stilish layout of the MacBook.

So, as soon I got my little baby, I started to fear the scratches that I could inflict on it transporting it bare as it was in my backpack.

Thus I had resolved to buy a protection of some sort that very night, but it happened that before I arrived home I had to do some small shopping at Ikea and there I found this...


Step 2: The LYCKLIG Case

I noticed immediately two things, first that it was rougly the same size of the eeepc and second that it was discounted to 3.50 EURO.

A quick test and I run home with an idea forming in my mind.

First problem was to get the CD sleeves out of it (or it would have been really crammed inside) but I found out that that was actually very easy and a couple of blade slashes later the problem was integrally solved.

Step 3: Get Some Love to the Eeepc

Okay, the case was ready, but the interior was far from soft, thus I had to find some way of cushion the PC.

Some really easy to find foam solved the problem. Just cut out what you need and glue it inside in a manly way (That comes from the guy afraid from scratching his new toy).

After about an hour you can get the weight away and the foam will be finely glued to the inside of the case.

Step 4: Opps Glue Passed Through :(

When I was done with that, I noticed that some of the glue passed through the foam and even if it was not a really really big deal, made the whole work seem messy.

Thus a further step was taken in form of an artificial silk sheet that was lying around at home. So I did cut a piece of it and glued it by the sides of the foam.

After another hour or so, the work was finished.

Step 5: Finished!

And so there it is , my eeepc is safe from scratches and I can put it in my backpack without any fears.

Besides there is always that wonderful moment in which I reach for the case and everyone around asks " You travel with CDs? What's it, your music?"

The "WTF look" I receive when I answer "No, it is my laptop" is priceless :)



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    I have an EeePC (4G, black) and I installed Windows XP on it soon after buying it. It's very easy to do, and all the drivers are included on a CD. There are sites which instruct how to install XP and the drivers via a 1Gb USB stick, which I did. So don't let Linux put you off getting an ultraportable; but do keep in mind that in a year there will be a variety of these sorts of machines.

    7 replies

    Don't let Windows put you off getting a computer that isn't unstable, slow, and open to attack.

    That said. I'm a terrible hypocrite. Buhseriously, Windows = sux.

    i agree, but im going to get an eeepc and put windows on it anyway. better for games.

    You sure can do that easily as much as many more distroes of linux or even Mac OsX Tiger ( tried with a friend). Point is that I personally feel that this particular machine is made for trips from a point to a point and back. To do the heavy work you can do on your desktop at home, this machine is made from when you travel home, or have a pause and want to surf, a quick look up on the net or a quick spreadsheet. A light OS is VITAL to this machine and bogging it down with a full XP ( which will need an antivisrus, a spyware filter a firewall etc) is a poor choice on behalf of the platform.

    I haven't had an antivirus for years, just Tuneup 2007,2008, and 2009, on three different computers, lol. antivirus progs. just crap up a good computer.

    Think if i get one of those (the ones without XP) i can install XP on it? or would it be better to get one with XP already?

    3 replies
    All you need is a usb drive (1gb plus)
    I did it on a spare hard drive with mine and it worked like a charm (didnt want to screw with my recovery partition on the stock hdd)

    Taking the world by storm...along with other similar and equivalent models produced by more than a dozen other companies.

    3 replies

    Also, if this is a jewel, how come it's so cheap, and mass produced? It's just a computer. Borg.

    Each laptop is mass produced and tries to be cheap ( so to give a higher revenue for the producer). The Eeepc does not feel cheap in any way to me, but maybe you have a different experience. ...."Borg"?

    ... Which started right after the Eeepc to follow the way traced by Asus. When I wrote this 'Ible the Eeepc was out and was the only one of its race.

    Wow, that's awesome. I'm gonna be on the look out for one of those cases from now on :)

    If you're worried about scratches, I highly recommend Invisibleshield, available at I got it for my Treo 650 as a test run (They had it on clearance for $5 shipped), and the stuff is amazing. I'll be ordering one for my girlfriend's ASUS Aspire One.

    2 replies