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I’m entering this in the “Wheels” and “Green” contests, so please take the time to read this ‘ible and understand it’s real impact. This is an easy solution to a major environmental problem that can really make a difference.   If you agree- vote for me!!!

First off, I know what you are asking yourself, “How is cutting down trees, ‘environmentally friendly’?”  The truth is that proper management of woodlands is far more environmentally friendly then letting a forest or other woodland areas become over-run with invasive species.  It is the manner in which you deal with the lumber processing that decides how destructive this management becomes.  Processing lumber is a trade off between efficiently and environmental impact.  But my EFLPQ is the solution to this centuries old problem.

Background- In order to process timber from a wooded area, a person must first hire an environmental consulting firm to identify and develop the woodland management plan.  They will inventory the trees and even mark the trees that need to be removed from the woodlands to improve the overall health of the wooded area.

Problem- Felling tress (the process of cutting a tree down) and removing the timber is a very difficult, dangerous, and laborious process.  Many times, people resort to using heavy equipment to remove the trees, but the process has a significant impact on the surrounding woodlands.  Felling and removing trees by hand is too laborious to be effective.  ENTER THE EFLPQ

What I’ve done is create a way turn a ordinary quad into an environmentally friendly lumber processing station.  Here is how it works…

By utilizing a quad, I can maneuver the vehicle into tight spaces, further into the woodlands, without damaging the ground or surrounding trees.  I can also carry everything I need on the quad to process the lumber.  Then, I can drag the tree out of the woods without bringing in additional vehicles or trailers. 

Above is a slide show of the simple racks that added and how much gear fits on the EFLPQ.  The design allows me to remove the racks quickly and easily if needed. As a side note, I also have added tubes that allow for a quick attachment of a seed spreader so I can quickly lay cover seeds down on any bare areas to prevent erosion.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, or comments on this ‘ible.

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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I agree with I8nite in that we need a little more explanation for what the kit items are used for.

    I appreciate your comments about maintaining woods! Working in production agriculture for over 30 years, I have seen landowners neglect woodlands when they didn't have to! Your comments there are very valid.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    this would be better as a step by step with each picture discussed or explained. Although a picture is worth a thousand word if the words are in a language we don't understand they aren't much help. This looks like an impressive setup but my only experience with cutting trees is paying a couple guys to remove some dangerous trees around the house or cutting up fallen limbs after a storm

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I wish I would have taken pictures as I was building it. But I wasn't sure what the final design would be, so I kind of made it, then re-made it to be better. Maybe I'll make an 'ible on how to properly fall a tree, safely and in an environmentally responsible way next. If there is interest in that, I'll put one together.