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Introduction: EL Backlit Apple Logo

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Recently I published a wildly successful instructable on making your own electroluminescent bumper
sticker www.instructables.com/id/ElectroLuminescent-Bumper-Sticker/ But I noticed that it made my
Plain old Apple logo look like well, just that a plain old sticker.

So this instructable is on how to EL back-light a Apple (or any logo) for that matter.

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Step 1: Stuff You Need

1 - 4" Fiskars sizzors (for cutting the EL panel)
1 - EL Panel (look at the .pdf)
1 - Jar Brush-on Electrical Tape
1 - Apple Sticker (or any logo)

Step 2: Building the Display

Using the 5" x 7" panel I bought from eBay (details on it in the .pdf)
I put The Apple logo on the panel (The logo is adhesive backed) and using the sizzors
cut the shape out, leaving the two electrical pins sticking out the bottom

Step 3: Using the Liquid Electrical Tape

I used a nail polish brush, but any fine artist brush will do, I filled in the spots by the green stem as
well as the bottom of the apple with the liquid. I was heavier with the coats on the bottom where the
plug resides

Step 4: The (almost) Finished Product

I also used a white apple logo to make a second one, (both will be mounted in my car)
The picture of the logo when lit really doesn't come out well - Im hoping one its mounted
it will show up better for the camera.

You can see the Liquid electrical tape on the stem and the Base

Step 5: The Finished Product

I will take pictures of this mounted in my car and post them as well,
But this gives you a idea what it looks like.

Image #1 - The white apple (powered on)
Image #2 - The Multi colored (old logo) Apple (powered on)
Image #2 - The Multi colored (old logo) Apple (powered off)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    What did you use as a power supply? Just a simple battery, or a driver like used for El Wire?