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I got some electroluminescent stuff for an exercise for http://hci.rwth-aachen.de/mcp1314 to play around, so just for fun: a crown made from EL Wire, which either automatic switched on, if it's dark (photoresistor), or toggles between red and blue corresponding to the temperature of a thermistor, or changes color depending on position of a tilt sensor.

Just bring some EL wire into shape (scotch tape it on a wire model), hook the inverter on and control them with an Arduino with some sensors on it (Which means thermistor (1), photoresistor (1) and tilt sensor (1), some (4) 10kΩ resistors for determing the resistor values, npn transistor (2) to control the inverter, a bunch (3) of potentiometers for adjusting thresholds for the sensors, a button (1) to select the mode and leds (6) and 150Ω resistors (6) to show the selecte modes. (Three of them are for the sensors, and then you can either switch one or both colors permanent on)....But that's free choice.

(Arduino code is in the zip file)

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