Introduction: EL WIRE BELT

I really wanted a "light up belt" to go with my disco ball mirror pants. I searched the world wide web,

but found nothing like what I had pictured in my mind, and since I couldn't possibly live without, I

made one. The heart of the thing is a purchased five channel EL wire controller and five EL wires. I

chose red, yellow, orange, green, & purple; but you could do all red and make an awesome traffic

cop safety belt! This REALLY gets people's attention! The controller has an on/off switch and a

small button that allows you to scroll thru the many different flash patterns.  



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    i think the disco pants alone would get people's attention... But its a really neat idea! I'm gonna try to do something like this for a costume. Look out Halloween!

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    Even just a single strand blinking on and off is impressive, let alone when there are five blinking in programmed patterns. All eyes will be upon you, I guarantee. How about single strand safety belts for all the kids on Halloween, they can be color coordinated to the costumes, Easily seen from long distances, and who doesn't want a blinking belt? They went nuts for the shoes that blink, a single strand belt could be done for cheap.

    checked it out, HA HA! uncanny resemblance to me, 'cept my body is a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart, albeit an overstuffed pop tart.

    Yeah, i was talking about the rainbow type colors for the belt, nice instructable by the way

    zomg, wow. Please model with the disco ball pants!