EL Wire Bracelet




Introduction: EL Wire Bracelet

Here's a relatively easy El Wire  bracelet    Many materials of this project are developed and distribuited  by http://www.plugandwear.com/   company 

Step 1: Materials :

- CR 2032 coin cell battery holder
- CR 2032 lithium 220 mAh  battery
- some pieces of  stainless steel, copper, brass fabrics http://www.inntex.com/shop/index.html
- 50 cm copper and 50 cm stainless steel tubolar ribbons http://www.inntex.com/shop/index.html
- 30 cm of purple polyester ribbon http://www.inntex.com/shop/index.html
- 30 cm of electroluminescent tape with 2  1.2 mm EL wires embedded, made of         stainless steel http://www.plugandwear.com/default.asp?mod=cat&cat_id=85,97
- 3V Miniature inverter for EL wire http://www.plugandwear.com/default.asp?mod=product&cat_id=88&product_id=73
- four  10 x 4 x 2 mm polarized neodymium magnets
- two 28 mm width alluminum profile
- silicone adhesive sealant
- cyanoacrylate glue 
- small piece of heat shrink tubing
- small piece of 0.5 mm transparent plastic sheet

Step 2: Polyester Ribbon Glueing

apply a small amount of silicone sealant over the purple polyester ribbon

Step 3: El Wire Tape Glueing

Join the El Wire tape together with the polyester ribbon

Step 4:

mark the middle of the two tapes already glued

Step 5: El Wire Cutting

cut the El wires

Step 6: El Wire Connections

connect the El wires as shown in the picture   For  EL Wires soldering  see this tutorial http://www.plugandwear.com/default.asp?mod=cpages&page_id=19

Step 7: Flowers Shapes

Cut some of the pieces of metal fabrics to make two flowers. Make a hole of 13  mm diameter on the small flower to insert the micro El wire inverter   These flowers will be used to hide all the electric connections

Step 8: Flower Final Touch

glue the tubolar ribbons around the flowers petals

Step 9: El Wire Inverter Covering

Cover the micro El Wire inverter with a small amount of brass fabric using silicone adhesive sealant and insert it in the small flower

Step 10: Coin Battery Holder

Glue the coin battery holder in the middle of the big flower.  The two metal pins of the battery holder must  go right through the fabric for the wire connections

Step 11: Final Wire Connections

Connect the coin battery holder,  the El wire inverter and the El wires

Step 12: Flowers Glueing

Apply silicone adhesive over the middle of the bracelet to fit the two flowers in order to hide all the wire connections

Step 13: Bracelet Lenght Adjusting

Wear the bracelet   Cut the end of the ribbons according to your measurement required
Place small piece of heat shrink tubing on the ends of El Wires as shown in this tutorial

Fasten the ends of El wires using Wire staples

Step 14: Bracelet Catch

Apply some silicone adhesive into the alluminum profiles and then insert the end of ribbons inside  Stick the neodymium magnets to the alluminum profiles using cyanoacrylate glue 

Step 15: Battery Switch

Cut a small disk of  tranparent plastic sheet with CR 2032 sizes   Make a snick as shown in the picture  Put the disk between the + pole battery and the  pin of the battery holder

To switch on /of the El wires simply turn slightly the round disc over the battery

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