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Introduction: EL-wire Aquarium

Underwater lighting is always a beauty. Using EL-wire to my aquarium, was a good way to test them underwater and a good way to see how it looks.

Step 1: Supplies We Need

1.   Decorative aquarium boat
2.   El-wire 1,5m with inverter
3.   Glue
4.   Rope
5.   Sellotape
6.   Something like a Dremel
7.   Wire stripper and cutter
8.   Shrink Tube
9.   Heat gun (not in the photo)
10. Soldering iron (and equipment)
11. 1 meter normal cable.

Step 2: Attaching the El-wire to the Boat

We can use a small rope to find out the route of the El-wire around the boat.
Standstill the El-wire to the boat using small pieces of sellotape and apply half drop of glue between the El-wire and the boat. Press it with your fingers. It needs about a minute to stick so we have to be patience.
We need straight lines, as far as we can and for this i use something like a Dremel tool to remove part of the boat.
Do not miss to put cap with glue at the end of the El-wire.

Step 3: Soldering the El-wire

We connect the El-wire with the 1m cable using the soldering iron, shrink tube and glue. The challenge here is to make the connection waterproof. We also connect the second tip of the cable with the El-wire connector, to use it with the inverter. This part is easy, since there is are just 2 wires to solder with no need of being waterproof.

You can skip this step by applying shrink tube all over the El-wire from the boat to the inverter, outside the aquarium. We want this part of the El-wire looks like a normal cable.

Step 4: Placing the Boat Inside the Aquarium - Final Step

Place the boat inside the aquarium, hide the cables underneath and attach the El-wire to the inverter. Finally, the boat will light up.

Hopefully my fish seems to like it.
Enjoy and many thanks.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea... but how long did it last before it quit working? i have some blue El-wire that i used on my aquarium hood for some night time lighting (worked great...), sadly it quit working about 2 weeks later, and was only not submerged at all. this was glued to a the plexiglass hood i custom made and sealed so water wouldn't get to it. so i'm curious as to how long this lasted completely submerged.


    That came out awesome! I didn't really even think about that EL wire casing is waterproof! thanks for the inspiration :)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    You are very kind. Thank you.