EL Wire Sign Board for Salon

Introduction: EL Wire Sign Board for Salon

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Items you want : Soldering iron , solder wire , EL wires, EL wire Inverter, Heat shrink tubes , glue gun , cutter, insulation tape, wires , perspex board, Black mat Vinyl for the board

EL wires and EL wire inverter bought from Ebay.


first Cut your Perspex board for your board size, and past a black mat vinyl on the board.

then simply marked on the board your font or design with a pencil or white pen .

Cut your EL wire for pieces which your font sizes are planed for the sign.and solder the wires for each EL wire pieces which you were cut before.and seal with heat shrink tube too.

after all, take the glue gun and put the glue on your fonts out line edge,then slowly get your EL wire piece and put on the glue and past slowly.after few minute it will get fixed. 

finally connect the all EL wire pieces input wires parallel.and connect it to the EL wire inverter. 

It will get Light nicely.
And also my 12" x 5" sign board viewing distance around 20 feet..Its an awesome.
Really easy and cheaper than real neon tubes!!

EL wire ROX!

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