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Introduction: EMP Generator

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To make a EMP generator you will need:
A disposibul camera
alot of copper wire (the thiner the better)
A switch.

Step 1: Making the Coil

You need to make a coil of wire about 10cm wide, you can do this by wrapping the wire around a circal object like a drink bottle. When winding go for thickness not whith, the thicker the coil the better. When finish wrapping slide it off the circal object and tape it up so it looks neat. Make shore to leave wire to connect it to your switch and power sorce. You should have a nice ring.

Step 2: The Disposibul Camera

Get a disposibul camera with a flash, take the charging circet out of the case. DON'T SHOCK YOUR SELF. The charging circet has a 330volt capasitor and if it's charged it will hurt. To discharge the capasitor touch the two wires conecting to a black cinider(the capasitor) with a screw driver, it should put out a shower of sparks. Make shore you take out the batteries.

Step 3: Assembly

Attach one of the wires coming off the coil to the switch and the other to one of the wires going into the capacitor. Get a wire going from the switch to the other wire going into the capasitor. When your done charge up the capasitor and when it's charged switch the switch and it will creat an EMP. It should be able to knock out calculators at close range. If not improve the coil with more layers of wire or attach extra capasitors onto the charging circet.



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    Why not just use the camera and its switch? Hook it straight up to the camera body?

    Higher power=Higher range in the emp field, I used a boost converter, taser and a capacitor. The boost converter is something that turns a small amount of power into a large amount of power, the capacitor stores energy, and the taser provides tons of momentary power.

    If that black cylinder is the battery you have it hooked up really wrong. You learn in grade 6 science class that the wire needs to be hooked up to the positive and negative sides of the battery. What you have there isn't even touching one of them. The plastic wrapping the battery is not conducive so the power is not reaching your EMP. I know this is really late but I hope it helps.

    this will take out a neighbors cctv :) and other various things!

    I need video help

    I tried my best but I really don't know electronic parts is this right

    there is one part i do not get, at the part where you needed materials it said the thinner the better copper wire, but then at step 1 making the coil it said the thicker the better copper coil. so i do not know which thickness coil i need to make the emp, explain plz.

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    He meant to say that you need a tick coil made out of thin wire.

    I just found two perfect coils for this purpose. One in the timer of an tumble dryer and one in the oscillator motor of a tower fan. They are smaller but should work as well.

    Does the emp affect LED lights? And is it a source of energy?

    not only is this a bad design, but this instructable is filled with grammar and spelling errors which makes this very annoying to read. I can forgive the bad design, but at least find someone to proofread the article.

    dont u need a battery for the whole thing to work cuz I just made mine and it doesn't work


    3 years ago

    Dude can u do this with more defined steps if possible..like the precise components from the camera and wiring and the switch??? Thanks bro

    What can I do for longer range of pulse ? And how can I calculate (not exacly for general) the range or pulse force ?