Has any one ever tried this Engadine walnut pie?If not here is a very rich sweet pie receipe .For those who like sweet pie .....this is the ideal Pi. It takes about an hour to prepare excluding baking time.

Step 1: Ingredients

For the short crust pastry

275 gr all purpose flour
1 level tea spoon baking powder
100 gr  sugar
Pinch of salt
1 egg
150 gr soft butter
3 drops vanilla essence in 1 tble spoon sugar

For the filling
250 gr walnut kernels
225 gr sugar
200 ml whipping cream
3-4 tea sp honey
white of 1 medium egg

 For the coating
yolk of 1 medium egg
2 tea spoon water

For dusting
Icing sugar

Step 2: Short Crust Pastry Dough

To make the dough sift  the flour and baking powder to  a mixing bowl,and add other ingredients.Stir with a hand mixer with kneading hook.First briefly with the lowest setting and then at the highest setting until the dough is formed.Then roll it into a ball using  your hands.Wrap the dough in clingfilm and refrigerate until it is needed.

Step 3: Chop Walnuts

Now to make this rich filling chop the walnuts and set aside.

Step 4: Beat Cream

Beat the whipp cream and set a side.

Step 5: Caramelise

Dissolve the sugar in a pan on medium heat and caramelise (Start stiring with a wooden or metal spoon ONCE   the sugar has begun to melt)Continue stiring until the sugar  turnes in to light brown in color.

Step 6:

Stir in the walnut and cream  and bring to the boil.Add the honey and let the mixture cool.

Step 7: Prepare the Tray

Meanwhile heat the oven at the top and bottom for about 180°C /350°F.Grease the  base of the 26 inches baking tray,

Step 8: Line the Base

Now the dough  has harden a bit in the refrigerater.Take out and divide it  into two.Roll out half of the dough and line the base of the baking tray.

Step 9: Add Egg White

Once the walnut filling is cool,add the egg white and mix it around.(Do not heat)Spread the filling evenly on the pastry base.

Step 10:

Now roll out the other half of the dough on a clingfilm .Use the base of the baking tray as a template and cut out a pastry lid.Transfer the pastry lid  using the clingfilm to cover the filling.Then peel off the clingfilm.Press the lid lightly around the scalloped edges and take of the excess. away.Prick the pastry lid here and there with a fork.Mix the water and egg yolk and apply on top.
.Bake for about 45 minutes.

Step 11: TA DA!

Ha! its not the end of baking..  :(   STOP!  YOU CAN NOT EAT ON THE SAME DAY  YOU BAKE  :(
Loosen the pie from the tray and put it on a rack to cool. LET THE PIE STAND FOR ATLEAST ONE DAY
Dust icing sugar on top.I didn't as it is already too sweet .So
I highlighted with wipped cream as it is yummy with the cream


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    Very nice, and I'm sure it tastes great, but it's not exactly what I'd call a real Engadine walnut pie, albeit fairly close.

    Believe me, I know. I own a house right in the middle of that area, and I'll be back there for the Easter holidays, as always since 1972. That alone, of course, doesn't make me an expert, but since I'm an avid cook and good friends with several local bakers, I've often looked over their shoulders and experimented myself.

    The real thing is not even brown, let alone dark brown, because it's not varnished with egg yolk. Anything darker than a golden hue is too dark. The base lining of the tray has to be pulled up to the rim so that the filling is not exposed anywhere after the dough lid is applied. By the way, the filling is never made with egg white.

    And yes, you're right, sugar on top is just way over the top. The filling is so terribly sweet, any additional sugar would be a waste and eventually just end up on your waist.

    Here's the way I make it, sort of a synthesis of slightly varying recipes I collected in the Engadine in the course of several decades (sorry, metric measures!):

    Make 300 gr flour, 150 gr sugar, 150 gr butter, 1 egg and 1 pinch of salt into a dough. Retain 250 gr of dough for the top covering. Roll the rest of the dough to fit in a 3 cm deep pie-dish up to the rim.

    Filling: Brown 300 gr sugar, mix in 250 g chopped nuts, add 2 dl cream. Boil the mixture up twice. Put the mixture in the pie dish on the dough, and put on the top covering of dough.

    Thoroughly seal the rim using a fork (ravioli style), then prick the lid with the fork in at least 20 places. You may want to make sort of a pattern while pricking, because any kind of additional decoration is a no-no, for purists and pedants like me and the locals anyway.

    Put the pie dish in the cold oven and turn the temperature up to hot for 10 minutes, then reduce to medium. Bake the pie till it is a bright yellow colour. It must come out very, very crumbly.

    By the way, the term in the language of the Engadine, Rumantsch Ladin, is tuorta da nuschs Engiadinaisa.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    ha! If you try let me know how it turned out.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Ja! genau.this is a recipe of Dr Oetkar...super delicious.you should know when I mention Dr Oetkar how it is.