Does your family buy the same socks from the same brand and everyday you are totally confused which one is yours ?
if thats the problem you face then this is for you my friend 
 this stitching was taught to me by my mum and its called "CHAIN STITCHING"

Its pretty easy and any kid can do it 
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 Well the things that you will need are as follows 
1. socks actually anything that you want to differentiate from can be used 
2. needle 
3. Thick thread of any colour 
4. pencil (no pens or markers)
I would like to remind you that it would be best if you used the same colour for all of them because 
if out of chance you find out that different pairs were washed and you got only one of them you might be left with initials of different colours which could be good for casuals but bad for formals 


Alright first things first push the thread through the needle and cut off about 40 to 50 cms of thread and put a double knot at the end
also pull out a convinient  amount of thread so that it doesn't slip out

Then with the pencil just make your initials clearly so as to provide you an idea but don't make it to too big,
from the reverse side of your sock push the thread and pull it till the knot reaches the base /surface of the sock 

Now comes the tricky part just beside the spot from where you pushed thread on the top side double insert the thread  into the sock so as to make something that would look like a subway

Pull the thread out so as to make a loop (as shown in the picture)and then insert the needle again into the the loop and pull it this will form a knot to continue the pattern just insert the needle into the loop and form the subway again and  pull the needle then insert int loop to complete the second loop 

Keep continuing by changing the directions of the subways and keep looping till you have completed  the masterpiece 

To end it all push the needle toward the inside of the sock and form a subway  except reverse and loop it to form a knot  then cut off the thread . 

Repeat on all of them and
VOLIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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