EPIC Minecraft Prank





Introduction: EPIC Minecraft Prank

About: I like Minecraft, Captain America (and other Marvel heroes), and making things.

Step 1:

Find a sandy area

Step 2:

Dig a hole straight down

Step 3:

Fill the hole with TNT except for the final block on top

Step 4:

Add sand and a pressure plate on top

Step 5:

Build a "house" as shown

Step 6:

Flip the lever BEFORE adding the door

Step 7:

End Result: big pit and angry person while you are on the ground hysterically laughing



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    I don't know if someone has already told you this but it really saved my bacon before I knew. Try hitting F2 to take a minecraft screenshot, it will pop up in your .minecraft folder under "Screenshots" that way you will look more professional. Great job by the way!

    I take that back, if I get 20 followers I will do videos

    Should I start doing videos?

    The place doesn't have to be sandy to work I don't think....

    I pulled that on a friend of mine