ESAB LKA150 MIG/MAG Euro Connector




Introduction: ESAB LKA150 MIG/MAG Euro Connector

It's always fun with new tools and machines, but sometimes it can be less fun for the wallet...

I already had this machine in the garage and it has been a realiable and good machine for my hobby needs.

But now the torch was old and leaking in the valve, and had problems feeding the wire.

Searching the net for a new torch-kit I saw that it would cost roughly the same as a euro-conversion kit.

Not all parts where plug and play for this machine but with some tweaking it worked out ok!

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Bought a kit from eBay which included

* 4m torch and cables with mounted euro-plug

* Spare contact tips

* Euro-socket with plastic holder, wire guide and inner tube

* Gas valve with solenoid for 230VAC

Also used

* Spanners

* Batterydrill with drillbits

* Metal hand saw (I used my small band saw)

* Piece of angle iron, drilled and threaded for mounting the gas valve.

Step 2: Dissasembly

Safety first!

Disconnect main before doing anything with the welding machine!

* Remove side covers, and remove wire roll.

* Disconnect lead wire and trigger plug, from the torch.

* Remove gas tube from torch.

* Unscrew three screws and the plastic cover on roller-feeder. The torch assembly can now be removed.

Step 3: Wire Feeder and Socket

I reused the old copper guide which is seated in the feeding unit, as an adapter to the feeding mechanism.

Cut of the thinner part of it, and drill it out so that the ID allows the new threaded guide to fit inside.

The new socket comes with a plastic holder which is held in place with three umbraco screws.

Fit the new socket with the threaded tube and the adapter.

Adjust the nuts so that every thing is sitting tight.

Now put on the plastic holder for the socket, mark and drill the holes, and insert the bolts that secure the plastic holder

I used a hand file to adjust the old torch hole, so that the ground cable could be routed out here, right under the new socket.

Step 4: Gas Valve Bracket

Used a bit of stainless angle iron I had lying around.

Measured a big enough piece for the valve.

Drilled holes to match the holes on the valves.

On the other angle I drilled and threaded two holes.

Fixed the valve to the bracket, drilled new holes in the back of the welder and mounted the bracket and valve.

Make sure it is mounted the right way according to the direction arrow...

Step 5: Connect the Soleniod

There was a hole betwen the wire feed section and electrical side in the welder so I put the wires throug and tried to fit them into the existing loom.

The blue and yellow/green is connected at the mainst terminals on the back of the machine.

I changed the cable connector on the brown wire, with one that has both male and female connector.

I then removed the wire marked with "03" on the selector switch, and inserted the brown wire here.

I then reconnected wire "03" onto the connector on the brown wire.

Now the solenoid is triggered when you push the button on the torch.

Just remember that you now have one phase active on the solenoid as long as the main lead is connected!

Step 6: Happy Welding!

Test and make sure that the wire is feeding as it should.

Now enjoy the new torch, and easier access to spare parts!

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