ESL Class Game: Hopping Hoops

Intro: ESL Class Game: Hopping Hoops

An ESL class game in which students hop or jump through balloon hoops as they recite the lesson content.

Step 1: Teach Content

Introduce the class content using flashcards (or other objects)

Step 2: Place Flashcards and "Balloon Hoops" on the Floor

Blow up 3-4 of those "long twisty balloons" and twist the ends together so you have a few "balloon hoops". Place the flashcards on the ground in a row (sort of like "hopscotch"), and place one flashcard next to each balloon.

Step 3: Students "Hoop Hop"!

Have the students take turns in hopping or jumping through the balloon-hoops. They should say the name of the flashcard next to each balloon as they jump/hop into that balloon and preferably and sentence too. If they pop a balloon they are out.



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