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In this blog we are going to learn how to create a stand alone web server using ESP32 that controls output using the Arduino IDE. The web server that we are going to create is mobile responsive and can be accessed through any device having a browser in a local network.

Basically we are going to create a web server that controls two Leds Connected to ESP32 Digital pin 26 and 27. The ESP32 web server can be accessed by typing ESP32 IP Address on the browser. By switiching on the automatic buttons in the server the conditions of the Led can be altered.

Components Required-:

Various components required for the above setup are -:

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Step 1: Making Connections/Schematic

Make connections according to the given schematic.

Download Schematics

Step 2: Connect Arduino to PC and Upload Code

After making proper connections, go to the Arduino IDE and then search for the suitable code. You cannot directly Upload the code hence certain changes need to be made in the code. After making necessary changes then upload the code .

Step 3: Open Serial Monitor and Check Functioning

Open the Serial monitor at the rate of 115200. The ESP32 connects to all and the output will be displayed on the screen. Copy the output to in the browser and paste the ESP32 Affect was IPAddress and press enter. then aftermath check then automatic buttons whether the Led is Glowing or not. The ESP32 receives an http request from a new client

Step 4: Checking It in the Phone

Open the browser in the phone and enter the same IP Address. You'll soon find the locally created server and the Led buttons. Using those buttons you can control activities not good for health.

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