ESP32 Arudino IoT Tutorial on Sening DTH11 Humidity and Temperature Senor Data to Cloud

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ESP32 is one of the latest next-generation ESP modules released by Expressif. It has both WiFi and BLE built in the chip.

in this video tutorial, I will cover on getting started with ESP32 and connecting a simple DTH11 Temperature and Humidity Senor to Cloud.

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Step 1: Pre-requistis

Before you start the tutorial make sure you have
1. ESP32 Dev Board

2. DHT11 Sensor

3. Free Account in

Also, ensure that WiFi is working fine

Step 2: Follow the Video Tutorial

Following this tutorial, you should have the DHT11 Temperature data in the cloud in under 10 minutes.

Step 3: Code

Arduino code is hosted here

Things you need to change

1. WiFi SSID & Password

2. Device ID ( you will get it from your account project page )

3. Authorization token ( again this will be available from your account )

Step 4: Conclusion

If you have completed the ESP32 Tutorial successfully then your thingsio device dashboard should look something like the above.

You can configure further with the way you want it.

Let me know how it goes.

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