ESP32 EBox&Widora First Review

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More than a year ago Espressif released the long-awaited ESP32, these modules are low cost microcontrollers, low power consumption, Wi-Fi chip, Bluetooth and what is really amazing the Tensilica Xtensa LX6 dual-core microprocessor !!, another interesting fact has improvements in security and secure connections, is the successor of esp8266.

Unlike ESP8266 espressif design the ESP32 based on characteristics requested by the thousands of users of the maker world.

Complete and detailed information: ESP32 Wikipedia.

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Step 1: ESP32 Version EBox&Widora

In this case I purchased a development board ESP32-T created byWidora and ESP32-bit module created by eBox available ESP32-T WiFi IOT ESP32, had some coupons and ordered the module, the only feature that differentiates simple seen this other plate is the u.FL connector. to extend the antenna, but in general the distribution of pins is similar to ESP32Dev.


Versions available and where to buy them cheap

Step 2: Video: Review ESP32

This is the quick review of an ESP32 module from eBox&Widora

Step 3: Initial Review

Next we will make a quick review, I ask for patience since they are my first steps with this module.

In the first connection, from a serial terminal to 115200 bauds, the board has a preloaded firmware I suppose it is the SDK executing a blink on the test led:

1 press RST "reset", the module provides information.

2. When you are running the "flashing" the module is also in AP mode, and creates the network "ESP32_eBox" password "123456789".

Step 4: Conclusion and More Info

In the initial revision with the firmware by default, does not bring preloaded applications, when connecting to the network "ESP32_eBox" it was thought that there could be an embedded web server apparently not :(.

It could be said that esp32 costs 2 or 3 times as much as esp8266, but the positive is that each time its cost goes down and they will be more affordable.

This first approach with the ESP32 module, we know has more features than the ESP8266, it is worthwhile to test the performance in Software and Hardware to the maximum using other programming environments that we will see later in next turoriales such as:

Currently I am testing ESP32 IDF (FreeRTOS) espressif which has more development for ESP32, I have good expectations of this platform, although I think it has many features and a lot of potential, I think that in current projects the esp8266 meets the general requirements.

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