ESP8266 8 Channel Relay Home Automation

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Hello All Friend

Here Is My 1st Custom PCB Project ESP8266 8 Channel Relay Home Automation . Thanks To PCBWay For High Quality PCB ...

Step 1:

This Board Is 100mmx100mm

Used WeMos D1 Mini Module 5 v Relay 150 Ohm Resistor For 8+1= 9 LED 8 Blue LED For Every Realy 1 Red LED For Power Used 3mm LED Used ULN2803 Relay Driver Used 8 3p Terminal Bluck Used 2 2p Terminal Bluck One 7805 For Optional If You Do Not Want To Use 5v Power Supply Used HLK-PM01 220-240v To 5v Power Supply

Step 2: Solder All Component



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    8 weeks ago

    Hello, thanks for sharing the project, theres a detail, the uln2803 already has a bult in clamp diode, so you don't need those extra in the pcb.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 weeks ago

    Many Thanks Sir I Will Take Care This On My Feature Project