ESP8266 Direct Connection to Google Spreadsheets (Google Docs)

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Intro: ESP8266 Direct Connection to Google Spreadsheets (Google Docs)

In the following step by step video tutorial will explain the connection of ESP8266 with script and google Google Spreadsheets.

HTTPSRedirectLibrary We used the Library HTTPSRedirect created by Sujay Phadke (electronicsguy) thanks for their contribution to the community ESP,

For connection the following is required: GoogleDocs.ino (File Arduino IDE)

HTTPSRedirect (Library)

(Google Script Archive)

More information on this project :

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Blog PDAControl Español

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Step 1: Components and Materials Required for Testing

Step 2: How to Program ESP8266 With Arduino IDE From Scratch

Step 3: How to Connect to Google ESP8266 Full Script and Google Spreadsheets Complete.

Step 4: Connection PLC Fpx Panasonic and Google Spreadsheets (Google Docs) With ESP8266

Step 5: ​More Information on This Project and Downloads:



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