ESP8266 Projects for Beginners

The ESP8266 and all the ones that followed are amazing devices. Being able to use the Arduino IDE is a huge help. Try to make sure the programmer has enough current because that seems to be a common issue. Using a separate power supply is recommended.

More good information on working with ESP8266. Once you get used to programming the device and using the I/O to control whatever it is you want to control you've got it made.
Nice tutorial here with the pinout of the ESP8266
Something to think about and possibly develop.
I love this project!
An adapter is nice but not a deal breaker because with female/male Dupont wires you can make a solid connection.
This is absolutely fantastic. Affordable, doable, ible!
You don't have to go wireless though. You could connect a ENC28J60 and do just as well.
Project with the ESP8266 and temp-humid sensor.
This may be interesting.
Links to ESP8266 projects and a tutorial.
Cool projects that can use your DHT11 with via wifi. Really cool.