ESP8266 Scada SVG Modbus RTU + PLC Panasonic FPX C14R

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Taking up and improving the applicability of this project integration Scada Web-based SVG ESP8266, it has decided to communicate the ESP8266 with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Brand Panasonic FPX C14R, atravez protocol Modbus RTU Serial RS232, Being the PLC Panasonic Master Modbus RTU and Modbus RTU slave ESP8266.

It has an integrated OLED display 128 x 64 communicated via I2C with the ESP8266 for visualization features of the modbus PLC registers.

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Step 1: ​General Objective of the Project

1 ESP8266-01 module with Max232 will connect to the serial port RS232 PLC Panasonic.

2 Integrating Modbus master is routine in the PLC Panasonic with previously programmed strategy in Control FPWIN His Panasonic -Pro software, it is planned to create a monitoring solution Concerning Industrial Controllers values is PLC, PAC, HMI or OPC.

Step 2: ​Project Specific Objective

Project Specific Objective

the value of potentiometer V0 PLC Panasonic in a range of 0-1000 escalizado in ESP8266 from 0 to 100% was displayed, the value in a Mini scada webserver based on SVG is visualized, the variation of the potentiometer is noticed almost instantly, for communication between the PLC and ESP8266 is via RS232 Modbus RTU.

Step 3: Materials and Connections

Materials and Connections

1 PLC Panasonic FPX C14R

1 Casette COM 4

1 ESP8266 - 01

1 Display Oled 128 x 64 I2c

1 Supply 5 VDC

1 LD1117V33 Regulator 5v to 3.3v

1 MAX232

Step 4: Test Video and More Info

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