(DIY) How to Make ESP8266 Ultra Mini & Simple Relay Home Automation Board

Introduction: (DIY) How to Make ESP8266 Ultra Mini & Simple Relay Home Automation Board

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Hello EveryBody,

Today i will Let you know , How to make an Mini Esp 12 Wifi Relay Board measuring only 3.9cm x 3.9 cm!

This Board has some very Cool Features which every Tech Lover will Love to Have.

I have Included all files in next Steps.

This Boards Packs with

  • WPA2 Encryption
  • A Flat Design User Interface ( Shown in Picture Above )
  • Fast Control
  • Temperature ( Code for Temperature Support will be coming in few weeks.)
  • USB Powered
  • Update the Board from Computer with one Click ( Updated Firmware will be Provided by me on bubblesaqua.com)
  • This Board features an Amazing feature too, It will remember you last switch State! This means if there is an Power Cut then this Board will come back to it's Previous State which was before power cut.
  • This Board also Includes an Picture or Video Guide on Board.

These many Features for $14 is amazing + you get an range of 10-20Meters ( Indoor , 18 < fair - poor connection) and Out door will be even More! This Module is still in Final Software Prototypes , Just like last version but in here i have posted an Stable code for all of you. leaving the temperature sensing feature, All other Features are Included.

Iam Publishing Before just because 101 Digital Contest is Going to end in minutes therefore i apologize for not having temperature feature yet.( I am Prototyping Ds18b20 with dallas temperature library on esp8266 ,

i can read the data on serial buti don't know the way by which i could show it to the server. Any Help is very much appriciatted)

For People what Might want to Buy a Soldered Final Product or Un-Soldered full kit.

Buy from Tindie : Click Here to Buy

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The Reason i Made it ( 101 Digital Contest Entry ) :

I wanted to help many Aquarium Hobbyists and many other Persons too like handicaps... We are all lazy and everybody knows that ... lol, Therefore i wanted to change something in our everyday life. I wanted to be a techy Guy Therefore i wanted some Tech in my life too and i made this! A mini Board by which i could turn on or off my aquarium light with ease! Every Aquarium Beginner / hobbyists / professional would knew that we have to take care of aquarium light timing so that we could not end up with algae problems. I was a lazy guy and i started not turning off my aquarium lights. and atlast i ended up with Algae :X . To Improve the Situation i Quickly made this Module and now i switch on or off light from any Corner of my House!. This Module is not only for Aquariums , Mind that... Possibilities are Endless , it just needs a thinking.

Make Sure to Vote me in the Contests! :)

Step 1: Interface ScreenShots

I have Taken these Screen Shot for your Personal Point of View , You will surely like the way i designed the Webpages according to trending Flat Design Websites! :) Tutorial Starts from next Step.

Step 2: Get Materials

You can Buy a Kit from my Official Website : bubblesaqua.com

or you may Source your Parts Yourself.

Anyways List is Here:

1x Relay (5v)

1x ESP-12E/F/Q

1x BC814 (sot-23)

1x M7 SMD Diode

1x Micro USB Connector

1x 0805 SMD Green LED

5x 12Kohm 0805 Resistors

2x 0805 0.1uf Capactor

1x AMS1117 Regulator

1x 4.7KOhm 0805 Resistor

2x 150Ohm 0805 Resistor

Step 3: Arduino Code

First of all Download All the Files Necessary.

I made this in Arduino IDE 1.6.7 : Link to Download : Click Here

Now Download ESP8266 Arduino Library + Boards : Click Here

Go There & Follow Instructions there on how to install this library + boards.

After this, Download this File System Tool for ESP8266 by which you would be able to upload html and other files to ESP8266 File System - Click Here

Now Get My Code + PCB at Github - Click Here

[ Code is Shared Under General Public License. and Author or anyother Organization's Software Included in this code will not have any Responsibility of Damage / Law Violation. Under Any Circumstances, We are not held to liable. Use this Code Under your Own Risk. ]

Step 4: Now Soldering! : Start by Micro USB

Solder Micro-USB on PCB.

Step 5: Solder: ESP12F

I Had ESP-12F . So, I soldered this.

After this I Programmed ESP-12f By Soldering Jumper wires to Required programming pins and Programmed it through my Cp2102 Module.

You can Find many info on Internet on How to Program ESP12. Ask your Google Uncle! :D

Step 6: Solder: BC814

Solder BC814 SMD Transistor.

Step 7: Solder: M7 Diode

Now, Solder M7 Diode as Shown in Pic. Make sure of the Mark. Lines Like this '||' on diode should be hole facing.

Step 8: Leave These Points

These Points were Intended for Status LED but didn't worked like i wanted. so, leave these points Un-Soldered.

Step 9: Solder: 12KOhm Resistors

Solder 12KOhm Resistors at R1, R2, R3 ,R4, R8

Step 10: Solder: 0.1uf SMD Capacitor

Solder Capacitors at C1, C2

Step 11: Solder: 150Ohm Resistors

Solder 150Ohm Resistors at R6, R9

Step 12: Solder: 0805 Green LED

Solder Green LED at 'Power'

Step 13: Solder: Regulator 1117

Solder Regulator at 'REG'

See photo for my Personal Comment.

Step 14: Solder: 5v Relay

Now , Solder 5v Relay

Step 15: Solder: 3 Pin Screw Terminal

Solder: 3 Pin Screw Terminal for ReUsage , Whenever you want to detach wire, unscrew it ;)

Step 16: Done!

Done! , Now Enjoy your Wi-Fi Module and Help Yourself with Laziness ;)

Don't Forget to Support me and Vote me in 101 Digital Contest :)

Step 17: Now, How to Start Playing With It?

Very Simple!

1) Power this Up

2) Connect it's Wifi Hotspot to your Phone /PC / Laptop. ( ID : Bubbles Aqua )(Password: fishes123)

3) Open any Browser

4) Open "" in URL Section

5) A Cool webpage will be opened where you will get many Options

6) Click on Switch Tab

7) A New Webpage will open where you can control your board with a tap/click!

( It will Also Show it's Current State ie. ON or OFF )

Enjoy !



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    nice job , buddy , can you share eagle files ?


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