D-duino WiFi Mesh Test(ESP8266&Arduino)

Introduction: D-duino WiFi Mesh Test(ESP8266&Arduino)

Today I use D-duino to test WiFi mesh network. D-duino has a 0.96 OLED display and is very suitable to do IOT work.


OK, Let us Start.

First, prepare two D-duino. Of course ,more is OK. D-duino support 87pcs to make its ad-hoc network.

Step 1: Connect

The 1st D-duino is connected with computer. You can see the chip ID is 1305567. I put the other two on different areas. They can keep connection with each other.

You can build a local network like the picture.

Step 2: Result

You can open serial monitor of the Arduino IDE. The result will show on the window.

The other two devices send their command to the first D-duino. Now we built a wifi local network successfully,

we can extend more and more modules!



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    2 Discussions

    Hello , it seems to be promising ..I'm trying to make something like ,but found no working items for my Nodemcu's... Very well done!!!!!!!

    I wish I could do the same .

    Could you please post link to code and maybe video.