Wi-Fi Board ESP8266: NeoPixels, Thermometer, Deep-sleep, AP Webserver Config, EEPROM





Introduction: Wi-Fi Board ESP8266: NeoPixels, Thermometer, Deep-sleep, AP Webserver Config, EEPROM

About: I am a researcher working on development of optical atomic clocks. Electronics is my hobby since childhood when my uncle was bringing me old phones to play and take apart.

In the attached zip file you can read tutorials about making fun things with the low-cost ESP8266 WiFi board:

  • Wi-Fi module ESP8266 programming from Arduino IDE.

  • Switch ON/OFF light using your mobile phone over Wi-Fi.

  • RGB LED stripe “NeoPixels” + ESP8266 with effects switching from website.

  • Wi-Fi thermometer storing to Internet cloud "ThingsSpeak".

  • Deep-sleep mode for battery-powered Wi-Fi themometer.

  • Advanced thermometer with AP configuration via a website and EEPROM use.

Step 1:



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    hi, this project is very good, but where can I download Arduino ESP8266 Library?

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    Thanks. And which firmware does it use? and how can I download firmware to it?

    ESP module has firmware in it when you buy it. It communicates with Arduino IDE.

    thx sir you are so kind to share this project. It's like i want to make :)

    I hate Arduino projects,not personally yours,just because I can't have one of it..

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    May be I could donate one to you and send by post. So you can start practicing programming it. When I went to school I also couldn't afford many things.

    Yes. You can contact me in Facebook or email alnis(at)latnet.lv to get present in Christmas time.

    Sir,It seems you are busy,so when you are free mail me khader.m.a7@gmail.com ..Thank you sir

    Sir,I have mailed you my address,If you got it,please do reply.

    why cant you have one? They are dirt cheap

    I want to make my own laptop and creating many things but I can not because it is so costly.....talent is nothing without opportunity...

    This is excellent! I was planning on making one this week, and was really curious about how to do deep-sleep mode.