How to install anchor trolley kit. There are 6 steps.

we don't have a kayak, so we installed every accessory on a board.

Thank you.

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Step 1: Divide Into Four Groups.

Please divide all into four groups.

Group 1 : two pad eyes and two pulleys , four screws and nuts (5MM*20MM), four rivets.

Group 2 : two pad eyes and four screws and nuts (5MM*20MM), four rivets.

Group 3 : one cleat and two screws and nusts (4MM*30MM)

Group 4 : one ring and one rope

Step 2: Install the Pulley

The two pad eyes help to fasten the pulleys.

With the pad eyes, your pulley will securely stay on your kayak.

1. Put the pad eye through the pulley's O ring. The O ring on the pulley is big enough for the pad eye to go through it. Then the pad eye and the pulley become one.

2. Locate the pad eye - pulley 12 inch from the bow and the stern . DON'T LOCATE LOW NEAR THE WATERLINE.. So locate them up closer to the deck.

3.Install the pad eye with screws (5MM*20MM) or with waterproof rivets we provided.

Step two is done.

Step 3: Install Pad Eyes

The two pad eyes help you to guide the trolley line along the side of the kayak.

1.Put two pad eyes between the two pulleys. The distance between the two pad eyes is up to your boat.

2. Install the pad eye with screws (5MM*20MM) or with rivets we provide

Step 3 is done.

Step 4: Install the Cleat

The kayak cleat helps to tie off an anchor or temporary docking

1. Put the cleat in the middle of the two pad eyes.

2. Install the cleat with screws we provided. (4MM*30MM), which is longer and smaller than other screws. This part , no rivets.

STEP 4 is done.

Step 5: Install the Ring

The ring help us

to choose the position where to put your anchor.

1. Make a hard knot on the ring.

2. Lead the 6MM trolley line through the first pulley, the first single pad eye, the cleat , the second single pad eye and the second pulley.

3.Make a knot on the ring again.

4. The rope is long enough for any boat. Please don't worry.

Step 5 is done.

Step 6: How to Wrap the Rope on the Cleat

The cleat help to hold the trolley in position.

you will see that by pulling the upper line, the ring will move fore and after.

To hold the trolley in position, you will have to hold the upper line (that runs through the pad eyes)in position. this is done by pulling the line and wrapping it over and around the cleat.

How to wrap it, please check picture 6

Step 7:

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