EURO-Pallet Workbench - Simple




Intro: EURO-Pallet Workbench - Simple

I was always looking for an workbench made of scrap wood or something like this.
So I took 2 Europallets and cut, put and nail them together.

Step 1:

These two you have to relaese and replace on the pallet.

Step 2:

The red one's i took from the second pallet and cut them on lenght to fit in the space.

Step 3:

I cut the legs of the second pallet for the lenght of the last block, after that i screw them into the blocks of the first pallet.
It's height is approx. 1,38 meters.

Step 4:

So it looks like when i put it in my garage.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    neat! looks really easy too!

    My question though is if it can really handle strong work, lets say installing a clamp on it?

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry for not answering at once, but I was on vacation.
    No it's not for rough work, I need to put in some stabilization.
    I think it could be done until the end of September, then I'll update the "design".