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Introduction: EV3Dprinter: LEGO MINDSTORMS 3D Printer

About: MINDSTORMS Community Partner, ROBOTMAK3R! Making robots out of LEGO is my hobby.

A simple 3D printer made from LEGO Technic parts and MINDSTORMS EV3 motors and touch sensors combined with a low cost 3D pen. Follow me as I share many pictures, EV3 program and videos in hope to inspire you to make or recreate a similar MINDSTORMS 3D printer.

A bit of history:

Ever since i backed up the first 3Doodler kickstarted i've been wanting to make a LEGO MINDSTORMS 3D printer with it. it took almost a year after i got my 3D pen to actually get started on this project. Sadly the pen didn't work really well and so a brand less 3D pen was used instead. This turned out really good as it takes continuous feed 1.75mm ABS filament! This project uses this pen, some Sugru to hold it onto a LEGO Technic frame, other Technic parts and the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 as the electronic side of things. This 3D printer was finished just in time for the 2015 World Maker Faire where it was shown live for the first time at the LEGO MINDSTORMS booth.

Lets take a closer look.


: . .

Step 1: All the Main Parts of the EV3Dprinter

I used a special Technic baseplate from minutebot.com but you can probably use a regular LEGO baseplate or design your own robot base. The idea is that you need something to stand the X,Y plates on, I used some old System Technic and some 1x8 plates allowing the platforms to glide as they are pushed or pulled by the LEGO Technic Linear Actuators.

Step 2: The X, Y, Plateforms Moved by LEGO Linear Actuator

Step 3: Here I Attach the EV3 Brick and the Rack Pilars on Which the 3D Pen Will Ride

Step 4: Next Up Is the 3D Pen Assembly

Hold pen in place with some sugru.com.

The pen shown here is from Banggood website which offer low cost and free shipping on many cool items.


Step 5: Insert the 3Dpen Assembly Into the Rack Pillar

And connect all the cables to the EV3

Step 6: Now We Need to Program the Printer

For World Maker Faire, I had EV3Dprinter print out stars and polygons!

Program files screenshots coming up next

Step 7: Programming the EV3Dprinter

Math Engine / program core by Thomas Madeya (Germany)


Adaptation to EV3dPrinter by Marc-André Bazergui (Canada)



July/August 2015 made for World Maker Faire

Creative Common (CC) Share Alike

Step 8: Details of the Math Engine (Circle Myblock)

This is the part Thomas Madeya wrote for me. Once we have the Circle Myblock it is easy to change a few parameters to make any polygons, triangle or square.

To download full program (EV3 project file) see previous step.

>> screenshot added Oct 26, 2015



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15 Discussions

hi bazmarc

can i get a complete building instruction pdf for lego 3d printer

1 reply

can you give me instructions as to how to build one of these 3d printers

2 replies

But you are in my Instructables for this printer... what exacly do you need? The *.lxf file can be opened using LEGO DIGITAL DESIGNER you can download this sw for free from the LEGO

No, because they don't exist, this is the prototype, i'm using a 3rd party Technic baseplate, a part that doesn't even exist in LDD, if you look at my other design it is the same mechanical principles but build into a nice compact LEGO design. As for the pen holder, you need to be creative and design one that fits whatever 3Dpen you get,

on my second upload... here: https://www.instructables.com/id/NEW-EV3Dprinter/

Does anyone know if this can be made with the nxt set? If so, could you give me an idea of how i could convert the program to work with nxt?


2 years ago

please.. Program files screenshots~~

1 reply

you do realize that I shared the complete EV3 project file?
In any case here is the math part to draw a circle or any polygons while we're at it ;) Actually, let me update this Instructables with them, it will be easier for other to find them.


2 years ago

Thanks ~~

Welcome at instructables. Great to see the instructions of your 3D printer.


1 reply

Thanks, it was about time I shared my work on this most amazing site!

Thanks, i'm already working on more accurate versions with possibly a larger print surface ;)