EVB - Rubic’s Cube Solver

Introduction: EVB - Rubic’s Cube Solver

The EVB is a shield (or called cape) for Beaglebone Black (BBB). It fully support LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 system, with both the hardware and software! The EVB is compatible with all LEGO® sensors just like the EV3 Brick. 100% compatible! It allows the EV3 Virtual Machine (VM) to be run on the Beaglebone Black.

EVB Kit is created by fatcatlab, you can find more information at our kickstarter page


Step 1: Build the Structure

The MindCuber team have made a detailed instruction on building this robot. You can find this instruction here. At last, of course I need to replace the EV3 with the EVB : )

Step 2: Install Colour Sensor RGB Block

Download the block, coloursensorRGB-v1.00.ev3b, to your computer. Note that this file may be renamed to coloursensorRGB-v1.00.zip during the download. If this happens, rename the file back to coloursensorRGB-v1.00.ev3b
Start the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 software and create a new, empty project. Select the Tools menu and then Block Import.

  1. In the Block Import and Export dialog, select Browse.
  2. Find the file coloursensorRGB-v1.00.ev3b on your computer and Open it.
  3. Select coloursensorRGB-v1.00.ev3b from Select Blocks to Import and then select Import.
  4. To complete the installation, close the dialogues and exit from LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 software.

Step 3: Download MindCub3r Program

  1. Download the appropriate file to your computer.
  2. Extract all the files from this archive. On a computer running Windows, find the file in Windows Explorer, click with the right mouse button and select Extract all…

  3. Start the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 software and select the File menu then Open Project.

  4. Find the MindCub3r-v1p4.ev3 project file and Open it.

  5. Download the MindCub3r program to the EV3 (but do not runit yet).

  6. Select the Tools menu and then Memory Browser.

  7. Select Brick (or SD Card if there is a micro-SD card in the EV3) and find and select MindCub3r-v1p4 in the Projects folder and then select Download.

  8. Find the folder on the computer where the files were extracted from MindCub3r-v1p4.zip. Select mc3solver-v1p4.rtf and Open to download this program to the EV3.

  9. Select Download again from the Memory Browser dialog.

  10. Find the folder on the computer where the files were extracted from MindCub3r-v1p4.zip. Select InstallMC3-v1p4.rbf and Open to download this file to the EV3.

  11. Close the Memory Browser dialogue.

Step 4: Install the MC3 Solver Application

  1. Go to the Run Recent screen on the EV3.
  2. Press the right button on the EV3 to move to the File Navigation screen. Select the MindCub3r-v1p4 folder and press the centre button to open it. If there is a micro-SD card in the EV3, select and open the SD_Card folder first.
  3. Use the down button to Select InstallMC3-v1p4 and press the centre button to run it. The EV3 will make a short beep.
  4. Turn off the EV3 brick to ensure all the files are saved to the flash memory and then turn it on again.



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    Hey, this is pretty cool! I'm learning html5 coding so that is the reason why I clicked on this instructable.

    Is there any particular places where you gathered your supplies or did you make it from spare parts?

    Hey, welcome to the site! Thanks for sharing this great robot.