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Introduction: EVil Robot

A hacker, up to no good, decides on halloween night to bring an out of condition robot back from the dead. I wreaks havoc on the world, and not even the greatest solders can stop it. Cool, right? Do you want to know how to make a non-working version to scare kids on halloween night? Then you have come to the right place. Lets begin.

Step 1: The Materials

Super glue

A lot of wood (try around 9-10, 16" by 16" by 1/2", pieces of plywood, but you could use any kind of wood)

a laser cutter

a drill

Two screws

a computer with Adobe illustrator/ Makercase

one table saw

a ruler (for measurements)

Two GI Joe army figurines (optional)

Step 2: Body

1) Open Adobe Illustrator and make a 9x12 grid, filling in every other square with black. (I used the rectangle function to make the grid, copy and paste is your friend).

2) Then, choose some random squares to be "cracked". In these squares, use the paint brush tool to draw lines through the squares, making them seem cracked.

3) Add some creepy text to the top, to make it seem threatening.

Ex. Picture on top.

4) Upload your chest-plate onto your laser cutter.

5) Then, engrave the design on a 9 3/4" by 8" piece of plywood ( you know your laser cutter engrave settings, so do those for this)( I made it a bit darker by putting the laser closer to the wood, by accident).

Ex. farthest from the left

6) Take another piece of wood and cut two 9 3/4" by 4" rectangles and two 7 1/2" (the width of the chest-plate minus the thickness of the wood).

7) Make them into a box, putting the smaller rectangle between the two larger pieces and super glue them together (look at the third from the left, minus my feet).

8) Glue the chest plate onto the box. (fourth from the left)

9) Paint (do whatever color you want, or none at all. I did green for the sides and kept the chest-plate clean).

Step 3: Arms

1) Make two identical rectangle shapes (3 3/4" by 3/4") with a circle (diameter of 1/2") at the far end, and then make to arm shapes with claw hands (look at the first picture on the top)(to make the arm shapes, use the curve tool to make the biceps and the pen tool to make the straight lines in the claw).

2) Laser cut it out and then glue the arm to the rectangle. Make sure you do not cover up the hole. (MAKE A LEFT HAND AND A RIGHT HAND). (picture on the left)

3) Screw a screw (with the drill) into the body of the machine through the hole of the arm. Make sure that you don't screw it all the way through, so you can give the arms some rotation to them. (if the hole is to big, use a washer to keep it on the screw). Repeat directly across the body from the first arm. (look at the second picture to the left picture)

4) Paint! (I did mine orange).

Step 4: Head

1) Make four identical 2x2 squares, one 2 1/4x2 1/4 inch square, two circles with a diameter of 5/8 in. and two elipsis with a height of 1/2 inch and a length of 1/4 of an inch.

2) Put it on the laser cutter and cut out the shapes.

3) Make a box with the squares on top of the body, putting the largest one on top, and super glue it together. (In my project the front side of the face is bent in a bit. You can do it if you want to give it that sort of dinged up feel.)

4) On the front face (the one with the chest-plate on the body) glue the larger circle near the top left of the head but not in the corner (look at the first picture). Then put the elipsis on top of the circle and glue.

5) Repeat step 4 on the other side of the center (again, look at the picture)

6)Paint (I made the head a dark purple and the eyes red, sorta creepy right?).


1) Make a 2x2 box (filleted) on makercase and laser-cut it out

2) Glue the the box together and glue it on the top of the box (the closest edge to the shoulders of the arms, w/o an arm on it. This is the same for the instructions on top)

3) Take the two circles and elipsis(dimensions on top) and glue one of the circles to one of the elipsis (put the elipsis in the center). Repeat with the other two objects

4. Glue them on the front of the head(you know which one is the front) near the top of the head and as far apart as you would like (just be on the same side)

Step 5: Legs

1) Laser cut 4 2 7/8 x 1 1/4 inch pieces of wood and 3 6x1 3/8 pieces of wood. (you can make this on illustrator)

2) Glue the 4 smaller pieces into a box with two open ends ( look at the second picture)

3) Take the larger rectangles and glue them on three sides of the box, making two corners . (look at picture three)

4) Glue the last rectangle onto the side of the box that does not have a rectangle of on it already and is not opened. Also, if you want it to look a bit more decommissioned, then put this rectangle up a bit to give him a limp.

5) Glue it on the main body a bit closer to the chest-plate than the center.

6) Repeat this entire step

Step 6: The Inside

Flip your robot around and do all of this (besides the laser cutting) in the hallowed out shell of a back (since I did not tell you to cover it in the body)

Part one: the gears

1) Find a picture of gears on the internet (I used the ones on the left) and laser cut them out of the wood at your own size.

2) Glue them inside the body on one of the sides (around were the screw of the arm is). Make sure they could work as a gear system (look at the pictures)

3) Do the same on the other side of the bot. (Does not need to be the exact same, but should follow the same guidelines of the other gears).

Part two: the console

1) On illustrator, make a rectangle.

2) Then, near the top of the rectangle put in 5 evenly spaced numbers that would go across the top

3) Then, put a message across the bottom that says that this machine has been hacked (or summarize it)

4) Laser engrave it into a piece of wood 6 3/4" wide by 4" tall.

5) Glue it into the back of the chest-plate of the bot. (See picture)

Step 7:

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