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These cute little critters are hand crocheted and are unbelievably small (dime sized). Micro crocheting is an EXTREME application of crochet. A few weeks ago a friend introduced me to this world of micro crochet when she stumbled upon a few images online. I was completely baffled by these tiny creations. I said, "NO WAY! How is that possible?" Although I've been crocheting for about 25 years now I still find it difficult to do smaller pieces because my "man hands" seem to trip me up. I decided to really challenge myself to see just how tiny I could go. These lovable earrings are my first attempt at micro crochetting. I was pleased with the results & I'm excited to do more in this direction.

Step 1: Matterials

For this project you will need:

Green Thread (If you want it to be softer perhaps embroidery floss instead)
size 12 crochet hook
Green yarn (Just a tiny snip for stuffing)
Tiny glass beads (black, white, pink)
modge podge (to stiffen the legs)
fish hook earrings

Step 2: Crochet Frog

I am a "freestyle" crocheter. I very rarely follow a pattern or write them down for that matter. I littlerally just make my pattern as I go so I apologize if this isn't written as a "typical" pattern. 

Pull out a long length of thread and double it onto itself. (You can just use 2 spools if you don't like doubling it over)

*You will work in rounds & Join each round with a Sl stitch.

Work 8 dc in a magic ring. (8)
Ch 2 & 2 dc in each dc around.(16)
Ch 1 & sc in each dc around. (16)
Dec around.(8)
Stuff the body (I used a small clipping of green yarn)
Dec around. (4)
Finish off. Leave about a 4" tail
Sew body closed with tail & hide your end. 

Work 8 dc in a magic ring. (8)
Work a hdc in next dc, dc in next 3 dc, then hdc in next dc (5 worked stitchs, 3 left unworked)
Finish off & use your tail to sew it onto the body.

ch 6 then join at your first ch. (creating a loop)
{ch 5 then sc in second ch from hook & back down to your loop.( 1 leg is made) sc in next 2 ch on the loop} Repeat around the loop
4 legs are made
Finish off & use your tail to sew the loop of legs onto the belly side of the frog.

Work 5 dc in the end of each leg to create a webbed foot.
Finish off after each one & hide your ends.

*Add a dab of modge podge to each leg to stiffen it and prevent any curling.

Now your froggy is complete and ready for detailing!

Step 3: Detailing

Now it's time to really bring it to life by adding some details.

First sew on a pair of the tiny black beads to represent his eyes.
Next secure a thread inside the frogs mouth & string some of your pink beads for a tongue (make it whatever length you prefer)
Add  black, white, black beads on the end to represent the fly.
Run the thread back down the pink beads. (creating a loop at the fly) 
Finish off & hide your end.

OPTIONAL: If you would like to turn them into earrings as I did add your fish hook through the "fly" loop.

Step 4: Encouragement!

I know that many of you will see this and say , wow I can NOT crochet that small. I'm not even going to try. I say, take a walk on the EXTREME side. You might be pleasantly surprised like I was. I hope this project encourages others to challenge themselves, and not to sell themselves short. This project may be micro in size but it packs a powerful punch of self esteem!


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    I love these! Its such a cute idea. I love frogs and I'm sure my sister would love these earrings!

    That is really nice to hear someone say that My mother helped me some when I decided to teach myself crochet (sadly I was a totally stubborn teenager when she wanted to teach me and I thought I had better things to do). I overheard a woman in the dr.'s waiting room the other day saying how "no one crochets" anymore. I thought to myself, she just doesn't know the people who still do! I have tried to teach my daughter, but like mother like child, she is just far too busy with.... umm whatever it is HA HA! I hope you are able to pass down this wonderfully beautiful and skillful art to someone as well. Such things need to be kept alive, and by teaching the younger generations is really the only way to do it. :)

    My mother taught me to crochet & she says the same thing. She has difficulty just crocheting at all anymore due to arthritis, so I'm glad she was able to pass the skill down when I was young!


    Wow super cute! I cant even imagine crocheting something the size of a dime that is pure talent! I already want a pair and am excited to see what you will pull out of your sleeve next !


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Super cute! I've done crochet work in thread before- doilies and afghans for dolls, and super small balls as Christmas ornament earrings. This takes it one step further!

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! This was my first time with thread. At first I thought I would need a magnifying glass! Lol. The ornaments sound fun!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I've never heard of micro crochet, that looks amazing.


    Wow are those tiny!I tried crocheting once with like the biggest hooks, just doing simple loops and it was impossible for me....I can't even imagine trying to do this.
    Also I too have "man hands" :)