EXTREMELY Giant Toffee Crisp




Introduction: EXTREMELY Giant Toffee Crisp

We made an EXTREME toffee crisp, over 100 times bigger than a normal toffee crisp bar!

This giant-sized toffee crisp took two days to finish; including several hours painting the wrapper by hand.
It was made by melting toffee with golden syrup and butter to make it soft, setting it in a mould, adding rice crispies in melted chocolate (with a touch of icing sugar and cocoa), letting them set, covering the whole thing in melted chocolate and then swishing a pattern in the top with a spatula. It looked surprisingly like the real thing at the end of the process :) 

It weighed in at over 5kg and was about 3 ft long... with over 30,000 calories...!

We gave it away as a gift and it took the recipient three weeks to eat.

Music by 8-bit ninjas http://www.8bitninjas.co.uk

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Love how you used ASDA smartprice! High Five for you


    8 years ago on Introduction

    But deeper details how to make it. :D Look so delicious, there will be how-to? This amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible! Nomnom!

    ROFLMAO I thought that, that thing was going to be fake but that made a lier out of me, & honestly I'd love to make one w/ a marshmallow fluff instead of caramel. (drools @ thought).