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About: I think my interests tell a lot about me, I'm a multimedia artist which means I work in whatever medium grabs my attention, paint on canvas is very relaxing and acrylic paint can be mixed with paper to make ...

My newest curb mining machine is rather plain so I decided to unique it up a little. I have been decorating car windows for years and depending on what I'm putting on the window I either free hand it or use the following technique

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Step 1: What You'll Need

You're going to need a picture of your choice
 acrylic paint in colors of choice
 paint brushes
 a container of water to clean your brushes
 (you could use paint pens)

Step 2: Getting Started

tape the picture of your choice on the inside of the window.
dip your brush in water and blot it dry before loading it with paint by dragging the brush back and forth threw a small puddle of paint

Step 3: Paint It

fill in the areas you want with the colors you desire, don't worry if it looks a little streaky you can add a second coat. you can add and touches you want or easily remove goofs after the paint dries with a razorblade

Step 4: Fini'

I did both back windows of my truck with the same image and a smaller piece in the center top of the windshield (over the rear veiw mirror)

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