EZ-EL Wire Glow in the Dark Shorts! Step-By-Step Tutorial

About: Electroluminescent Wire is an amazing technology. Working like a fluorescent light bulb in wire form, it can be applied to just about anything. The possibilities are endless; you can bend it, cut it, splice ...

Here is a pair of shorts decked out with EZ-EL Wire! Have fun with it, be creative, and dazzle at the next party you attend!

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Translucent Thread
25ft Purple EZ-EL wire
Wire cutter
Fabric chalk

Step 1: Design/Sew EZ-EL Wire

You're more than welcome to follow our example in terms of design, but feel free to let your creativity flow with this project!

To start, place the inverter in the lining of the waist to be sewn inside the shorts so it can be hidden. After you do this, start sewing your el wire over the outline you design, and continue to sew until you are finished.  If the wire becomes difficult to bend at all with your designs, use a hair dryer to make it more malleable. However,  be careful to not use the hair dryer for too long on the wire, as it may cause damage to the wire.

Step 2: Cut Excess Wire, and Enjoy!

If you have any excess wire, snip it with a wire cutter, and enjoy your finished pair of EZ-EL Wire shorts!

If you enjoyed this tutorial, get more inspiration at: http://www.ez-el.com 

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    That's such a cute idea! I'm gonna try that on my shirt I'm gonna wear to the Identity Festival!