Eagle-ize Leevonk's PIC Protoboard

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I like Leevonk's PIC development board; here it is re-done in Cadsoft
Eagle, with a couple other modifications to make it simpler/cheaper

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Step 1: Redraw the Board and Schematic

There's not a lot TO this instructable; it's pretty much just CAD files for a
modified version of Leevonk's instructable.

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    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    There's one resistor for each group of 8 LED. Tradeoff of inconsistent brightness vs ease of assembly...


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. I've taken your Eagle files and cleaned them up a bit, along with adding individual resistors for each LED. Unfortunately, I don't know how to attach files. But if you send me an Email, I'll send you the source files. I can be found on AllAboutCircuits.com. SgtWookie

    PIC ProtoBoard.bmp

    11 years ago on Introduction

    I'm designing solar water/heating system for my house going to program & use pic/avr this just what i needed loads of thanks for the good work it will be well used


    13 years ago

    I too have been working on a pair of prototyping boards for PICs. One simple version uses the 16F88 (Firefly) and the other more complex version (2x16LCD, 4x3keypad) uses the more common 16F877A (Dragonfly) (and soon the 16F887). You can view the beta schematics on the updates section of my site. I've used RS485 in both with a simple RS232 to RS485 adapter (two 1k resistors and a DE9) www.blueroomelectronics.com One comment on your design is not using a single 470 resistor for 8 LEDs, a better solution would be a 9pin 8 resistor 470ohm SIP.


    13 years ago

    Hey! This is sort of the type of thing I'm looking for. I'm new to microcontrollers though, and could use a little direction on what may be required for an idea I'm trying to implement: A small, low powered text reader. I know the basic constraints I'd like on it, but have little idea of how to implement it except that PIC or Atmel may be a good way to go. The PCB and MCU needs to be able to support/drive: 1x16 Character LCD 256kBytes (or more) of storage space for text files Interface to load/erase data-- parallel, serial, usb-- doesn't matter which basic control/tact switch for start/stop etc. Could this board design here support that? Zilog also has cheap devkits ($40) for the Encore! line, but Atmel and PIC seem to have much larger communities to seek guidance from. Thanks for any help you can give!


    13 years ago

    wow, I'm flattered. good work with the mod :)