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Introduction: Eagles Ornament/Trinket

This instructable is a spinoff of myDIY Linux Fish Ornament DIY Linux Fish Ornament, except for a different venue, making an Eagles team logo ornament for my sports fan brother.

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Step 1: Bust Out Your Solder and Soldering Iron

For this project, you will need:

-Solder (or some kind of wire)
-Soldering Iron
-Needle nose pliers
-A Dremel or sandpaper

Heat up your soldering iron while you get the basic shape bent into place. I used a pic from google images to get the basic form down. Once it's bent, solder the two ends together. I do my soldering jobs on the back to keep a neater front.

Step 2: Add the Features to It

Look for the fine points of the pic and lay them out on the first, eagle shape. Solder them into place. I suggest wearing gloves because the solder/wire gets hot!

Step 3: Finish!

Finish up your soldering and sand down the sharp points! Add a bit of string, and there you have it!



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    11 Discussions

    I'm so glad I stumbled across this! I'm getting ready to make Eagles and Flyers salt dough jerseys. This is just the thing to get me in the spirit. Hope your brother loved it!

    my schools logo is an eagle! Go **** eagles!
    (no, I didn't cuss)

    Looks great, nice job. But I do have something negative to say. The Eagles suck. Go BIG BLUE!!! It would take too long to make a Superbowl champion NY Giants ornament. LOL Good job technick29

    I like the idea, but I'm curious whether you have any recommendation for what gauge wire to use or the wattage for the soldering iron? thanks.

    very cool. and i just bought solder and iron to play with and wire so thanks for the inspiration. snowflakes for winter would be good. But like the original shape ideas.

    1 reply

    hey, thats pretty awsome!