Ear Cuff



Introduction: Ear Cuff

Step 1: Cuff

What you need:
•jump ring

Open the jump ring just a small amount and test to see if it can stay at the top of your ear without falling off. Then glue the bead onto the middle of it.

Step 2: Chain

What you need:
•stud earring for crafts
•thin jewellery chain
(I got them both in packs from a craft shop there not expensive)
•tiny jump rings or chain links

Ok this might be different depending what earrings you have but i basically put a small jump ring on the earring stud (if the chain you using fits through the hole in the stud you don't need to) and threaded the the chain through so its folded. Then cut both ends the same length however long you want the chain to be (i did 6cm) and fix the ends onto another jump ring. Then slide it onto the cuff and put a bit of glue on to stop it sliding off.

Step 3: Done

Done :)

You can make it more interesting by glueing a charm onto the cuff instead of a bead or you could put a jewel on the stud, beads on the chains or more chains i don't mind whatever you can think of! :)

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