Ear Phone Hack!

Aren't we all having problems with our earphones? You get em' in your pocket and boom they all fumble up..

So here are two pretty cool hacks with which you could keep them(earphones) in place without letting them scramble like eggs.

You will need these following tools:-

1)Ear Phone

2) Any card (A "Stiff" one is recommended)

3) A Marker pen

4) Scissors/Blade

5)Nail File

For the Second hack

1) Ear Phone

2) Paper Clip

Step 1:

Make lines on the card using the marker as shown.

Step 2:

Cut the card as shown using the scissors and a blade.

Step 3:

Smooth out the edges using the nail file.

Step 4:

You're Ready to use your Ear Phone Holder! Just wrap the Ear Phone around the card.

You could put it in any of your pockets!

Step 5: This Is an Easy Way to Store/keep You Ear Phone

Get any surface on which a paper clip might Fit. And wrap it around the clip as shown, or in anyway!

So now you have a nice place to keep your Ear Phone.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I love how they look like a pair of googly eyes in that last image...