Earing Holder and Light Reflector




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Using old and worn out Cds' to create new innovative things...

Step 1: Procedure:(Earing Holder)

Step 2: Collect Old CDs. As Many As You Can Find!

Step 3: Enlarge the Hole of the CD in the Middle to Fit the Blue Pipe As Its Center Foundation.

Step 4: Use the Drill to Enlarge the Hole in the Middle of the CD.

Step 5: Try to Fit the Pipe From Time to Time in Order to Be Sure of Its Size. ( Don’t Get Frustrated at This Stage, It Is Really Very Hard to Drill on a CD. ρŠ )

Step 6: Use the First CD As the Foundation of the Holder

Step 7: Drill 3- 4 More CDs

Step 8: Drill Holes Around the Outer Part of the CD As the Are to Hook the Earrings.

Step 9: It Depends on How May Holes You Want for Your Earring Holder. You May Keep on Adding CDs.Done! Procedure:(Light Reflector)

Step 10: Drill Holes on the 3 O’ Clock, 6 O’ Clock, 9 O’ Clock and 12 O’ Clock Position of the CD. ( You May Want to Add Holes As Desing)

Step 11: Prepare the Wire Around the Socket to Form Four Hooks to Hang the CDs. the Hooks Depends on How Many CDs You Would Want to Make Use Of. Make Sure That the Wires Are Aligned So That the CDs Will Appear to Be Aligned Also.

Step 12: Hang the CDs in the All Hooks. Tie Them Together With the Strings to Avoid It Falling Out of Place

Step 13: Readjust the Alignment.

Step 14: Screw in the Light Bulb.

Step 15: Plug in and Enjoy You New Lantern!!



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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry to be a nuisance, but I cannot find any reference to a 'base unit' to stand the thing on. Also, Is that where the light you referred to may may be situated?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    What kind of tube did you use? And what is it from or where abouts can I get one?


    12 years ago on Step 11

    this looks like a cool project i wish there where more pics to help get the idea of how it works i read something about a light and this wire part ---how about a finished pic atleast so i can see how it goes together


    12 years ago

    very innovative idea. i liked it! resourceful and practical. i now know what to do with my "patapon" cds. hehe. very useful proposal.


    12 years ago

    I like the earrings holder. This is very helpful for those girls who have lots of dangling/chandelier and hoop earrings. Very cheap too!