Earphone/cable Store Lifehack

Introduction: Earphone/cable Store Lifehack

If you care your earphones in your pocket with you or if you have a lot of cables in a draw or box, you properly will be familiar with this problem. The cables will get messed up and get knots and it can take a long time to unravel the cables. With this life hack you can store your cables everywhere and carry your earphones with you in your pocket without a big Mess!

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Step 1: Unravel the Cables or Earphones

Release every knot and straight out the cable.

Step 2: Take the Bigger End of the Cable, Wind a Loop Around Your Hand and Leave 5" of the Cable

If you wind it tight the final result will be much better.

Step 3: Remove the Loop From Your Hand and Hold It in the Middle...

...and wind the left cable around the middle of the loop and feed the smaller end to the loop and pull it at the other side out.

Step 4: Release the Cable When You Need to Use It

To release the cable just pull the smaller end out of the loop and pull at both ends and your cable is ready to use without a mess.

You could also watch the video guide to this life hack >>https://youtu.be/76sw8Og3sMo<<

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