Earphones Case/Carrier/Protector


Introduction: Earphones Case/Carrier/Protector

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Short Instructable on how to make an inexpensive earphone case/carrier.

1. Earphones - the small type that fit inside your ear
2. Pipe insulation, non self-sealing
3. Duct tape
4. Scissors

Step 1: Cut and Tape the Pipe Insulation

1. Cut a piece of the pipe insulation, perhaps 3 inches long. (The insulation should be already cut lengthwise; if it is not, make 1 cut along the length of the insulation so that it opens up the inside.)
2. Use duct tape on both ends to cover the holes.
3. Holding the case lengthwise, squeeze the ends together to open it up.
4. Place the earphones inside the pipe insulation then close it. Be sure that the wires are not caught between the edges of the pipe insulation when it closes.
5. Now the earphones are well protected and they can be carried easily.



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