3 Minutes Earphones Cord Organizer




Introduction: 3 Minutes Earphones Cord Organizer


I need a Earphones Cord Organizer, so I try to buy one from the market.

However, I think most of the cord organizers are not good for my Earphone.

It make my earphone cord winded and is difficult to straighten it before listening to the music.

As a result, I make one....

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Step 1: Version 1 : PVC Earphones Cord Organizer

This is the first version I made.
I use a piece of PVC tubing and drill some holes as the photo.
The earphone can insert to both end and the cable is winded in a slightly "straight" way.
( * BTW, I drill a small hole and make it as "Keychain"...)

The length of the PVC is tailor made according to my earphones' cable length.

This version sound pretty good, but it seems not suitable for earphone with unequal cord length...

Step 2: Version 2 : Earphones Cord Organizer for Unequal Cord Length...

As a result, I made the following version 2...

U can place the earphone in one of the holes, so, it can solve the problem of unequal earphone cord length.

Step 3: Final Version : Earphones Cord Organizer

This is the design which  I want to share with u !

Both earphones Cord Organizers working well but I think the cord should winded in a circle way in order to minimize the damage of earphone.

So, I make this stylish ultimate version of "Earphones Cord Organizer" !!

Step 4: STEP 1. Shorten the Legs of the Tripod

To make this Earphones Cord Organizer, I use two pieces of "pizza saver".

First, shorten the legs of the "Saver'.

Step 5: STEP 2. Add Tubing

Found some tubing (aquarium) and insert to the "Saver's legs".

Step 6: STEP 3. Finished

Then assemble the other "Pizza saver" and the 3 minutes Earphones Cord Organizer was finished.

Step 7: Modification...

The cord organizer is stylish but your cord may slide off if u did not wind it tightly.
As a result, I can add two pieces of plastic cover...

You can use cardboard or any other suitable materials, and I am using the plastic cover of potato chips....
So, the diameter of the circle is about 6 cm... ( * u can use any diameter or shape)

I cut the cover to a circle and use paper punch to punch 3 holes in order to insert the "Pizza Saver".
Since the plastic cover of potato chips is flexible, it hold the cable quite secure.
(** U can adjust the length of the tubing in order to make the cable secured winded)

Finally, I would like to address some points....

I don't like the earphones get dirty and the spongy of the earphone is easy to fall off, so this version allow the earphone stored in the inner part of the Cord Organizer.

Also, u can wind the cord in a "circular" way, so u did not need to pay much effort to straighten the cord before listening to the music.


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    7 Discussions


    7 years ago on Step 6

    This is great. I love how you took something as disposable and useless as pizza box tripods and made them into something useful. Nicely done.


    My favorite kind of Instructable -- fast, easy, from recycled stuff found around the house. Good job!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome tips! I've always wondered what I could make with those little pizza tables, and you just answered that question for me. Great job!



    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I used one to make a stand for my phone. I think I saw it on Lifehacker, but they just used the pizza box standoff as it came. I cut down two of the legs and used the pieces I cut off to reinforce the remaining leg (which would have to support the weight of my phone). Then I glued a piece of plastic from the center of a CD to the bottom for rigidity. It was able to hold my phone in landscape orientation, but not portrait—it would tip over backward.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I used acrylic (waste from some projects) to make my phone stand.
    Although the stand is design for model "Xperia mini", it also fit to my "Xperia S"
    both in landscape and portrait orientation.