Earthquake Detector With Notification System

Introduction: Earthquake Detector With Notification System

I, Shubham Sinha and Ankit Vyas(students of IIT Guwahati) have made a EarthQuake Detector. It was first experience working with Bolt-IOT platform. It is quite exciting. Initially I have worked with Arduino, but codes were simple enough, but here since it inolves java script, so coding seemed bit difficult, as I am new to Java Script , but overall it was an awsome experience.

So, as name suggest, whenever there are vibrations(manual by hand or by earthquake), the vibration sensor will sense the vibrations, if it is recieves a signal of HIGH voltage it sends an input '1' to micro-controller, if no vibrations are there, it's a LOW voltage and it sends an input '0' to micro-controller.

Hence , we will use these inputs of Vibration sensor for purpose required.

We will create recipes using IFTTT, then send messages to Facebook, Gmail, & a pop-up sms to a mobile number, photos of same have been uploaded.

Hence , that was all folks, I know it's a very basic circutry, but it is of great significance in Earthquake-prone regions like Guwahati(Assam), basically the whole north east.

The notification system works well, and can be implented in specific devices as well, if we are having access to them.

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Step 1: Materials Required :

1. BOLT - IOT Platform

2. 3 Male-Male Jumper

3. Breadboard

4. Vibration Detector

5. USB Cable

6. Smartphone with Net pack

Step 2: Connecting Vibration Sensor to the Cicuitry

As you can see in the image, the sensor is having 3 pins,

1. DO Pin

2. Vcc Pin

3. GND Pin

Add Vcc Pin to 5 V port on BOLT-IOT Platform, GND PIN to Gnd port, and DO pin to Port 3.

And yeah !! Here goes your Vibration Sensor Working with appropriate Code to operate.

Step 3: Vibration Sensor/ Earthquake Detector (Basic Functionality)

Watch the video to understand basic functioning of the Vibration Sensor, It works Pretty simple and easy to use, You can built on your own as well.

Here is the code for above Sensor to configure:

Bolt - Your Remote to Control your World

Sensor data

//Takes Input from "Vibrational detector" ; High=1, Low=0; Sends Digital Signal to Pin 3. READ sensor on pin 3

Step 4: Overview of the Circuit

Here is the overview of the circuit.

As explained in the previous section, connections of the circuit can be seen.

You can see the BOLT - IOT Platform as well in the picture.

Please see the video to understand the functioning of the circuit.

Step 5: Notification After a Fake Eartquake (Manual Vibration)

The picture shows the notifications that we received on facebook and gmail after the manual vibrations detected by vibration detector.

Step 6: Constructing Recipes on IFTTT

Here are some of the recipes that we created to receive notifications.

We created it using IFTTT.

You can visit the same at

Step 7: User Interface

The picture shows the user interface for vibration sensor, & another for enabling IFTTT to receive notifications.

Step 8: Coding Goes Easier !!!

Here are the codes for the programs that you need to have for interface. :)

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    can u please tell me, how to connect bolt with pc