Earthquake Detector


Introduction: Earthquake Detector

This is a Earthquake Detector where i have added a led useing tx and 3.3volt. The led is hidden under the blue wire. Here's how i connected the circuit. 3.3volt to + of the board then digital tx1 to - ground of the board then plug in your LED with the cathode being + and anode being -  A0 to + and ground to - of board run a jumper from ground to the 220-ohm resistor and then run a jumper from the + to the 220-ohm resistor and put a rectifier diode in front of the resistor like the picture shows run 2 more jumpers inline with the resistor and the diode and hook your piezo speaker up with the red wire being + and the blue being - in the ardino program use the serial monitor to see the detector work tap the piezo and you will see this #. Here is the code                                                                 start here--------------------->     /*
Earthquake Detector

Sensing the tremors on a surface

This script will sense the tremors on a surface and output it in the serial monitor.

inspired by


float tremor;                             // stores the analog value
int sensorPin = 0;                        // pin where the sensor is connected to

void setup()
  Serial.begin(115200);                     // initialisation of the serial connection

void loop()
  tremor = analogRead(sensorPin);    // reading analog sensor value

  if (tremor>0){                     // if tremor is sensed
    for (int i=0; i       Serial.print("#");           

  delay(0);                             // just wait a little



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    4 Discussions

    I have an error -exit status 1

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    what are the things we need

    can you explain earthquake detector with accelerometer MMA 7361

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    how do you detect earthquakes with this device.
    This is brilliant but i want to replicate this if you can help.

    Thanks smart guy.