Easier Access to a Small Fridge.



Introduction: Easier Access to a Small Fridge.

Build a really simple box to put underneath your fridge and you won't need to bend while opening it.

Project inspired by Fixperts: http://fixperts.org/

Step 1: Preparation of MDF and Wooden Parts.

- 4 x 6mm boards cut to 240/540mm

- 4 x 40/40mm timber blocks cut to 240mm

Step 2: Place the Timber Block on the 240mm Edge of the MDF Board, Drill Two Pilot Holes and Screw Two 30mm Screws.

Repeat with all 4 boards.

Step 3: Drill Two Pilot Holes on the Second Sides of the MDF Boards.

Step 4: Screw the MDF Boards Together.

Step 5: Repeat This Step Four Times to Create a Box.

Step 6: Cut Four MDF Battens.

Each 454mm long.

Step 7: Screw Them to the Top of the Box.

Step 8: Repeat All 4 Sides.

Step 9: Cut a 12mm MDF Sheet to a Size of 546/546mm.

Step 10: Place on Top of the Box and Screw It Together.

Step 11: Paint Your Box and Place Under Your Fridge.

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