Easiest, Cheapest, & Fastest Air Powered Rocket Ever!!!

Introduction: Easiest, Cheapest, & Fastest Air Powered Rocket Ever!!!

Alright. This is my first instructable, so here goes. This little rocket has been passed down in my family for generations(Not really, but my dad showed me it about 7 years ago). Anyway, Here's how. All you need is the little foil wrapper found on virtually all chewing gum and a little persistence.

Step 1: Preparing the Rocket!

(I'll be doing this all with my right hand as my dominant one) First, make a thumbs up sign with your left hand.

Step 2: Preparing the Rocket!!

Now take your foil wrapper and put it behind your thumb, with the edge of the foil even with the right side of your thumb.

Step 3: Preparing the Rocket!!

Now wrap the foil around your thumb.

Step 4: Finishing the Rocket!!

By now you should have a foil tube roughly the diameter of your thumb. Now take whatever foil lies abouve your thumbtip(In most cases, anywhere from 1/4" to 1") and twist it up, givng the rocket it's pointy top! The Rocket is finished!!

Step 5: Create Launching Pad!!

Make a shape with your hand kind of like the "OK" sign, but have all your fingers follow the index finger.(Connect your index finger to your thumb with a circle in the middle, then have all your fingers follow the curve of your index finger. (Sorry About the black, I screwed up on Paint)

Step 6: Preparing the Launcher!!

Now take your right hand and make the funky shape shown in the image. The goal is to have the fleshy part below your thumb fit directly below your left thumb, making the most airtight cup with your hands as possibe. To test it's airtightness, blow into the hole. If it's really hard to blow into, you're probably doing just fine. If not, perfect your technique. (Yay I fixed the blackness!)

Step 7: Placing the Rocket

To correctly launch your rocket, you must position it correctly. Place it in the circle between your index finger and thumb of your left hand. If it's too tight, it won't pop out and if it's too loose the air pushed up to fire will escape through the holes. Make sure it's i there well.

Step 8: Now for the Fun Part...

Here's the part you've been waiting for... Firing!!! Take your left hand with the rocket in position and place it about a foot away from your other hand(In the air). Now bring your correctly positioned right hand swiftly into your correctly positioned left hand. If all goes well, the air forced upward will propel the rocket out of your hand and up into the air anywhere from 0 to 15 feet in the air



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    "HamO has not posted any instructables yet..." (Instructables dixit) Sure, it is easier to criticize. In other words, people that doesn't make anything are the one that more criticizes. Some comment?

    So, what are you saying? "This is a good instructable" or "If someone has not posted an instructable, they can't recognize a bad one and comment on it? Which is it?

    Ham0, critique is not about slamming someone. It is about suggesting things to make it better. If you don't like it, make a constructive suggestion. Otherwise, you're just stroking your own ego.

    He's not saying it's amazing, but this actually has some use. Maybe you're not the intended audience. His other point is once you post some projects, you'll appreciate the comments and be reluctant to post negative comments because you'll know how bad it really feels.

    It seems my English is worse than me believe. This is a good instructable. It is easier to criticize than make one better.

    I really do bot see you reasoning for flaming, HamO... I really doubt you even tried to do it.

    ...wow thats not really that simple if you want a really cools and easy one see my chapstick®rocket..

    put real photos in it to make it a better instructible. definatly a cool instructible

    This is a great Instructable. The illustrations are a little crude, but I had no problem following the directions. The idea is clever and fun. It also requires a bit of trial and error to perfect the technique, which adds to the fun for me. Not only that, but I don't have to own a laser cutter to do it. If your standard for a good Instructable is excellent illustrations or complex wiring schematics, than I am afraid that most of the Instructables on this site fall way short. BTW, I am a professional product designer. I make a living out of visually communicating ideas and concepts.

    I like it.. especially the family tradition part.. I would post how to make a paper rocket shoot from a restaturant straw but I expect it's already here somewhere o.O

    I know i uploaded all the steps and somehow it didn't put the last couple steps in! I am going to put them on as soon as possible.

    why is this one of the worst instructables ham0? ....it's very informative as far as the steps go...and you can't deny that the drawings are great (especially for paint)...there's nothing confusing...sure it's just shooting some tinfoil out of your hands...but so what my only beef is that you forgot a step or two...loading and launching the rocket (i'm pretty sure i can figure that out...but...it's not a finished instructable untill it's got a last step right?)